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Minimally Invasive Facelift

woman's faceMen and women who have wrinkles and sagging skin in their lower face, jowls, and neck are ideal candidates for a traditional facelift. This procedure can make you appear up to ten years younger by literally lifting and removing excess skin and tightening the muscles beneath it. It is often combined with eyelid surgery or brow lift surgery to provide even more stunning results.

But even with the increased confidence a traditional surgical facelift brings, many are concerned with the cost, length of recovery time (about two weeks), and longer scars that are often involved. Over the years, Dr. Rodriguez Sierra has listened to these concerns from his patients and now offers a wonderful alternative that will meet their needs: a minimally invasive facelift. Since the minimally invasive facelift involves only a few short incisions, recovery time is faster, and scars are much smaller than with a full surgical facelift. In addition, the procedure is typically more affordable and also takes less time to perform.

Advantages of a Minimally Invasive Facelift

  • Shorter scars
  • Less time in surgery
  • Shorter recovery time
  • Affordable

Dr. Rodriguez Sierra can completely customize the minimally invasive facelift by combining a number of techniques depending on the patient’s individual needs. The procedure can be performed with the either the help of a laser or a specially designed viewing scope (endoscope) that is made for small incisions. In addition, other procedures or treatments can be performed at the same time that will tighten the skin or fill facial hollows and wrinkles that the minimally invasive facelift may not target. The result is a more defined jawline and a refreshed, wrinkle-free, natural-looking facial appearance.

Whether you are seeking a subtle improvement or a total facial transformation, Dr. Rodriguez Sierra is equipped with the skills and experience necessary to provide the most natural-looking results. During your consultation, he will assess your needs to determine the treatment or procedure that is right for you. To schedule your appointment with Dr. Rodriguez Sierra, please call (888) 478-4690 or fill out our online contact form today.


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